Is Sikou artisanal ?

Sikou originally was an ice cream parlour. The artisan Bruno Lai helped to transform and revive the business in February 2013, which started distributing 500 ml tubs.

Although the recipes are still the same, producing the ice cream with artisanal methods was a tremendous feat—with non-standardised raw milk and cream, prices that are not negotiated with farmers, flavours cooked in our workshop, raw materials that are almost never processed outside of our workshops, without food powder or flavouring ...

And everything is 100% organic ...

So is Sikou still an artisanal product, as it is distributed to local grocery stores, for as many people as possible to enjoy it?

Sikou has been recognised as an artisan by the Commission des Artisans after the Law dated 19 March 2014 went into force.

Of course, each person has their own idea of what being an artisan means: Age-old techniques that require specific tools, or just the hands? Stringent requirements and high quality? Using noble raw materials to the highest standards? Production solely at points of sale, or production in limited quantities that remains in the neighbourhood?

The idea of limited production has always been the exact opposite of our fundamental intention: offering ice cream in the rules of this art to as many people as possible, in a market whose quality is considered as disappointing.

That’s enough information on our philosophy and our ingredients to form your own opinion. So as we usually say to our customers: You be the judge. We think it's just a storm in a teacup.