Is Sikou artisanal ?

Sikou originally was an ice cream parlour. Since then, ours recipes hases't changed a iota, although maintaining the artisan processes to produce prepackaged ice cream was a tremendous feat : using raw milk and cream in a workflow, homemade flavors, raw material not processed and if any, processed in our workshop, no powder, no aromas,...

So is Sikou still an artisanal product, as it is distributed to local grocery stores, for as many people as possible to enjoy it ? We believe it. And we are not the only one to believe it, because Sikou has been recognised as "Artisan" by the Commission des Artisans of Belgium (Law dated 19 March 2014).

Of course, each person has their own idea of what being an artisan means.

Anyway, that’s enough information on our philosophy and our ingredients to form your own opinion. So as we usually say to our customers: You be the judge. At our sens, we think it's just a storm in a teacup.