Raw milk. What is the benefit ?

We do not use milk powder, concentrated milk, water in addition with butter, and even not fresh milk delivered by a dairy factory, standardized, homogenized, invariable...

Sikou only work from high-end raw and natural ingredients, not processed outside our workshop.

Our two main ingredients, milk and cream, are directly purchased from Belgian farms and pasteurized to our workshop.

The nuance is significant because the avoidance of UHT treatment, micronization and standardisation allow to obtain a finished product with a “high nutritional quality” containing the natural essential nutrients of the original raw material, such as lactic acids, mineral salts or vitamines, and a digest finished product because lactic ferments are not eradicated by U.H.T treatment.

The long life U.H.T. milk has no nutritional quality. In the very best case, nutritional quality is partially recover by adding calcium and one or other vitamin exterminated by U.H.T. treatment.

Quiet often milk is blamed as being indigestible for certain person. However, what makes it indigestible is precisely the absence of lactic ferment destroyed by U.H.T. treatment, and the micronisation treatment which damage the molecule structure.

U.H.T. milk and raw milk are definitely not the same product, although the are designed by the same word.

Of course the use of raw farm milk and cream is more complex to manage.

This is our commitment and the choice offered to our customers, to consider their food, i.e. their fuel, not from the point of view of the price but rather from the ratio between price and counterpart: nutritional quality and health risk related to the opacity of the components and their origin.

We use semi-refined cane sugar, fresh eggs and whole vanilla beans; there is no addition of flavours (even if natural) and we make the caramel in our workshop, all this proves that we share the same desire to maintain the structure, transparency and 'high nutritional value' of our raw materials.