Our story, our encounters.

Sikou has a long history that has had its setbacks and successes. In a way the life of a business is rarely very different from that of men.

The story begins in 2009. At this time Sikou is still a small organic restaurant with an array of homemade ice cream crafted by artisan Bruno Lai. In 2011 the small restaurant went bankrupt. Bruno was forced to sell his home to pay off his debts. Nevertheless he didn't give up.

A small group of private investors is attracted by the quality but above all by the philosophy that underlies it all : Raw milk and cream, simple recipes with just a few ingredients known by everyone, all high-quality raw materials, naturals and unprocessed, and flavours homemade by the artisan. The aim was to make ice cream and sorbets according to the rules of the trade in the true sense of the term.

The workshop and the brand "Sikou" are acquired and the small group associates the artisan to re-launch the activity, but in prepackaged ice cream dedicated to groceries.

The next challenge was to make ​​a quality artisan ice cream accessible to the greatest number in a deemed disappointing market. The aim was to make ice cream and sorbets according to the rules of the trade in the true sense of the term.

No aggressive or bullshit marketing, just informative communication on a frank and direct tone. The brand Sikou says what it does but also all what it does not do. Other than that, the consumer is the sole judge without being influenced by commercial sales pitches, in order to be able to appreciate what is a quality ice cream and to make its own choice fully informed.

You will never ear from us words such as : "real coffee beans", "unique know-how", "outstanding taste", "master of ice cream", "sublimated flavors", ... We respect our clients. We do not talk to them like they were idiot.

It was a real challenge to retain Bruno’s work and method in the production, but we succeed and today, the recipes and processes have remained unchanged.

Of course all Sikou's products are certified 100% organic, but Sikou's values go well beyond the organic certification, and comes from its DNA : No chemistry, no powder, but only high-end unprocessed raw materials, soft production processes and flavors cooked in our workshop. Please, do read our ingredients lists to convince yourself.

We hope consumers will give up on low-quality food and a food budget reduced to the bare minimum. Because all products in store should not be seen with the same credulity and without distinguishing.