No addition of air.

Like the brine in hams, it is not uncommon to see the addition of air, lots of air, in ice and industrial sorbets, in order to reduce cost or ... to sell you air ....

A high-end sorbet or ice cream has a ratio weight/volume of around 800gr/liter and cheap ice cream can contains up to 50% of air (500gr/liter).

You can notice this addition of artificial air in the ice cream you buy just by looking at the weight/volume ratio, e.g. 500ml/430g.

Sikou ratio is between 760 and 880gr/liter, depending on flavor.

Whether weight or volume is not mentioned, it must be an omission...

Then, please do compare ratio weight/volume (gramme/liter) when you buy ice cream, rather than only volume. Afterword, do read the ingredient list, in order to avoid swallowing rubbish.