No substitutes

A substitute is a by-product of poor quality and generally of lower cost e.g. powder milk is a substitute of raw milk.

At Sikou we do not make compromises on the price of raw materials. Consequently, we never replace one ingredient by another of lesser quality in favour of cost-reduction.

Sikou never uses vegetable fat, butter in addition with water, but only fresh and raw farm cream.

Sikou does not use aroma, even if natural, but cook them in its workshop.

You will never read on our ingredient lists barbaries words such as : sweetener, maltitol sirup (E965), glycoside, butter in addition with water, aroma, maltodextrin, soya lecithin, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, glucose syrop, milk fat, concentrated milk, rehydrated milk, milk protein, red coloring of beetroot, ...

This is all about Sikou and we wish to make it clear that consumers who choose the Sikou products have the following as a guarantee: a brand perfectly safe, healthy and non suspect.