No substitutes

A substitute is a by-product of poor quality and generally of lower cost. At Sikou we do not make compromises on the price of raw materials. Consequently, we do not replace one ingredient by another of lesser quality in favour of cost-reduction. This justifies the price of our ice cream and our sorbets.

Always in line with our philosophy to deliver end products of “high nutritional quality” our recipes are made ​​with just a few ingredients, simple and well known.

The use of by-products, additives, essences (even if natural) or processes such as artificial addition of air, are prohibited. Again, this is our trademark and we wish to make it clear that consumers who choose the Sikou products have the following as a guarantee: a brand that works with the above philosophy, that does not think in terms price but rather in terms of nutritional quality. A brand without food chemistry. A brand that uses simple recipes and unprocessed or minimally processed raw materials.